Online Courses and Schools

  • Divine Healing School for Believers  *Online Course*

    Divine Healing School for Believers *Online Course*

    How can we pray effectively for the sick and hurting?Is the power of God real? And how can we contact it?What causes God to intervene?What obstacles do people have when trying to be healed?How do we know if we have strong enough faith?With real life...

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  • Learn The Bible, Right  *Online Course*

    Learn The Bible, Right *Online Course*

    Why a course on learning the Bible? I mean, it's only a book - just read it, right? Not right. Many have tried to learn it without any help and fallen into the same traps.The traps keep people from right understanding of God and His ways, and they can...

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  • Minister's School Crash Course

    Minister's School Crash Course

    The MINISTER'S SCHOOL CRASH COURSE is designed to equip Ministers and Church Leaders for successful Spirit-filled gospel ministry. Course Topics:Discovering Your Calling, Detecting, Testing, and Developing the Gift in You, The Main Thing, Carrying the...

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