Learn The Bible, Right *Online Course*

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Why a course on learning the Bible? I mean, it's only a book - just read it, right? Not right. Many have tried to learn it without any help and fallen into the same traps.

The traps keep people from right understanding of God and His ways, and they can point people in a very wrong direction. Many strange religious beliefs and practices have been birthed from wrong Bible interpretation, but it doesn't have to happen.

This course will help you avoid the traps altogether and leap far ahead of most in understanding God and His Word.

I've included sections on the framework for all Bible understanding, the rules of Bible interpretation, how to choose a translation and the differences of each, and the different types of Bible study. Also, I've taken some key passages of misunderstanding and given clarification as an example of avoiding wrong doctrine. There is a section on suggested resources to complement your Bible study. And finally, I've included a Books of the Bible summary, where I give a brief expose on every book of the Bible.

This video course is designed to ignore the boring, unnecessary approach that one would get at a seminary, and take you right into things that help with life-application of the Bible - for YOUR life. And some of the material is taken directly from live teaching sessions.

This course is delivered online, via the Udemy platform. Upon completion of sale, we will e-mail you the code to enter at: https://www.udemy.com/learn-the-bible-right/