Eliminate the Fear Factor *eBook*

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Fear is the devil's arena. Faith is God's arena. Where will your life be played out? Faith connects us to God. Fear connects us to the devil. Fear is our enemy. And it must be eliminated. This enemy is strategic and deceiving. It looks to subtly intrude and then works to aggressively maneuver a strong grip in our lives. Its goal is to intimidate us to the point of cowering under it rather than standing up to deal with it, and thereby rob us of our God-given destiny. But Joni has exposed this enemy and proven that it can be defeated. Through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, she found the spiritual secrets for herself and took a stance against fear until it was completely eradicated from her life. Inside the pages of this book, Joni unveils the powerful arsenal God has provided for you to eliminate the fear factor from your life! If you don't do something with fear...fear will do something with you!