• A Faith Spotlight on the Book of Job *eBook*

    A Faith Spotlight on the Book of Job *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**Take a skillful look with Pastor Chas at a book of the Bible that has derailed many believers in their quest for true Christian identity. Without a proficient faith perspective, it's easy to wrongly identify with Job's...

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  • Dios, ¿Por qué? *eBook*

    Dios, ¿Por qué? *eBook*

    **eBook Descarga Digital**   Si Dios es bueno, ¿por qué suceden cosas malas? ¿Dios tiene el control total de la vida en la tierra? ¿Todo sucede por una razón divina? ¿Dios nos...

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  • Eliminate the Fear Factor *eBook*

    Eliminate the Fear Factor *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**Fear is the devil's arena. Faith is God's arena. Where will your life be played out? Faith connects us to God. Fear connects us to the devil. Fear is our enemy. And it must be eliminated. This enemy is strategic and deceiving...

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  • God, Why? *eBook*

    God, Why? *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**If God Is good, why do bad things happen? Is God in total control of life on earth? Does everything happen for a reason? Does God punish us? Is God testing us? What about the judgment of God? What about Job's suffering and...

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  • Prosperity's 7 Link Chain *eBook*

    Prosperity's 7 Link Chain *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**Why does true Bible prosperity still seem to elude so many good and well meaning Christians? Could it be because they’re not fully connected to God in it? God’s plan for a successful financial life requires more than...

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  • The Call of the Christian *eBook*

    The Call of the Christian *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**Jump into this inspiring expedition of knowing God and doing exploits, where Chas shares the heart of the Father regarding your assignment— so that you can answer heaven’s great trumpet call, the Call of the...

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  • The Real Grace *eBook*

    The Real Grace *eBook*

    **eBook Digital Download**Either righteousness comes by obedience, or it comes by faith alone, but it cannot be both. It sounds simple enough, as most all Christians would agree on that note. But currently, there is some new enthusiasm over a re-emerging...

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