Books of the Bible *Digital Download*

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**Digital Download**

Important Note for iPhone/iPad users: We recommend that you: 1) Download files on a PC, 2) Import them into iTunes/iCloud/Dropbox, 3) Then access them from your mobile device. If that's not an option for you, it's possible that you could download MP3 files directly onto your Apple device; this would require you to download apps from the App Store that allow files to be unzipped and stored. If neither of these options work, you may consider purchasing the physical product (which would be mailed to you on a USB flashdrive). 

Files should be able to download, store, and play on an Android phone or tablet easily. 

An in-depth audio commentary of the entire New Testament. 

172 Spirit-filled teachings from live services at Houston Faith Church.

Equipping you...
- to enjoy life with greater understanding and stronger faith
- to handle the Word of God skillfully
- with accurate answers to tough Bible questions

Join Chas as he teaches through the entire New Testament, causing the Word of God to come alive in your heart! This refreshing Bible study is rich in life application, and will bring understanding and revelation as well as answer many scriptural questions.